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Summer 2020

Some of my favorite pieces in this issue are artworks.  To begin with there are featured artist Brett Stout's striking, sometimes disturbing paintings with the equally striking titles.  Karyna Aslanova's "Mood Cell" pieces have an almost opposite tone -- one of serene reflection and sensuosity -- but are equally impactful. Note too the return of former featured artist Fabrice Poussin.  It's a pleasure to have in Anne Whitehouse's "Poe and Chivers" an academic essay that is engaging, not dry and pedantic.  Though everything has a different meaning these days, it is still summer and there are page-turner (or screen scroller) short stories, as well as less traditional pieces like Luan Lewis' "The Countdown" and Liam Hunt's "All Three Seated Around the Edge."  As always, the majority of the issue is filled with wonderful poetry.

Those of you who create and are potential future contributors, note that the winter issue will be a special election issue that will go online in early November.  See the Info on Submissions page for more detail.  Scott Water's "Release" in this issue is a good example of a piece that would be appropriate for the Election issue.

William Ray

Brett Stout Broken_Hands_Converge_A_Brea
Brett Stout Broken Hands Converge a Breaking Wall.

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