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Frederick Pollack




Severed genitals and flayed skin

of abusers begin to be nailed 

to doors. Big stupid drunks,

disparagers, cheaters are seen 

blubbering, tased, cattle-prodded

around lawns. A massive uptick


in gun purchases leads

to sexy straight girls holding

.22s to guys’ heads throughout

the act, saying what, when, and what not.

Who can’t perform is shot.

A new type of man arises.


Variously orthodox women, armed only

with teeth and nails, tear off

wigs, burqas, hot black shawls. 

Even those culturally brainwashed to see

the veil as empowering discard it,

compelled by a light in their minds.


What happens next – whether war survives,

and hunting, consecrated to Diana –

I don’t know. Keep mostly to myself.

Have laundry to do, the dishes. Hope

that all the movies aren’t about feelings …

I like to watch things blow up.

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