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Mitchell Grabois




Dominoes comes to deliver pizza to my neighbor

She lives alone and has bad feet

bad ankles

and legs

She weighs too much

but she keeps eating that lousy pizza

an entire pie just for her




Recall Election


The voters recalled the Tea Party school board members

We didn’t know they were a Tea Party conspiracy 

when we elected them

They hid their true selves


But the truth came out when they wanted to buy textbooks

that rewrote American history in a way that

covered over all sins

that made us seem like a bright and shiny

city on a hill

instead of a nation of genocidal murderers


They wanted to rewrite the science books too

They wanted to teach the kids that God created the Earth

in six days about six thousand years ago

and that God smiles on our murderous souls

and wants us to continue in our ways

No Sodom and Gomorrah in His mind these days

Jesus loves us and everything we do 

in His name


But the Jefferson County voters knew better

and told the Tea Party members to fuck off

They recalled them

and put in new school board members

who have more sense


and I say that this is a victory

one few and far between

in our new non-democratic

oligarchic empire 

recall election
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