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Eleanor Rector

The Scream
after the painting by Edvard Münch

I am maelstrom&cacophony of violent colors /  the entwining&writhing of blushed hues / inconsolable in strident evening-light / in bright silence that sinks my diaphragm into trails of spirit-breath / muscles stripped into silk / each like shriveled flower-stems tangling in the splintered fence on directionless roads, paved into undiscovered cliffs


I am exhalation detained&frozen into place / horizons formed from shadows&dissonance  / spliced into angles&lines / kissing each eyelash / weaving them into spider-webs / knotting my eyes into their sockets to desiccate&decay


I am inevitable / melting through time/into the twilight before obscurity / into impenetrable evening-light / into the binding&burning / the tearing off of limbs for firewood / the sinking&drowning in sacrifice to nameless gods / the dousing into static& discordance


I am iridescent screams restrained inside fissured vocal chords / flamed with fear so incendiary it ruptures my lungs / blistered along this furious skyline

the scream
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