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It goes without saying that we are looking to publish the best work.  Some sense of the editorial philosophy behind Courtship can be gained by reading the “Editor’s Desk” page.  We are interested in publishing “unknowns,” as well as well-established writers.  A writer who has published absolutely nothing will be read the same way as a prize-winning “name” writer.   Work that does something not seen before or, more to the point, makes us see differently — call it avant-garde, experimental, or what you like — is always welcome.


The Courtship of Winds publishes poetry, fiction, short dramatic pieces, essays, photography, art, and short pieces of music. Please submit no more than six poems at a time. Prose should generally not exceed 10, 000 words. Simultaneous submissions are fine, provided the author immediately withdraws any work accepted elsewhere. Please withdraw work only through Submittable, indicating in the "reason" field if you are withdrawing part or all of your submission.  Courtship does not publish previously published work.  Authors retain all rights to their work.


Please use Submittable for all submissions. Please do not submit work in a particular genre more than once in a six-month period.Work is considered year-round for two issues.  You should expect a response within six months. We regret that we cannot currently pay for accepted work.

Info on Submissons

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