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Frederick Pollack 


(We heard about your son ... )

Thanks. But you know, he isn’t dead – 

he just went to spend more time

with his mother, who was always more

sensitive, or ambitious – in any case 

more attuned to him. He’ll be able to say,

convincingly, in a few decades, 

he wants to spend more time with his family.

Or no, he didn’t go to her.

He rejected all my values

and joined some alt-right sect.

They live low-level corporate

or upper-barista lives, then march

and picket under runic banners, hoping to

break heads. You can say it’s a phase, 

but for me it’s eternity. Or else he

no longer wants to be my son, but

my daughter, and is getting the money together,

so I won’t see him for a while.

Do male-to-female transes think

of themselves as someone’s daughter or as

new beings, self-created?

I really don’t know. I mean no

disrespect to transes, or to any life

that ends. He may have gone

to pass out antivirals and clean water

in Africa, and he’s so far in the bush

there’s no signal. I wanted to do that,

years ago, but now I think

what’s the point. Actually, he’s hanging

out with the wild turkeys that still

inhabit central Connecticut …

but no. That was the cat.

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