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John Garmon


Filling Station


We take our places in the queue of cars as if we had the right

To get our tanks topped off with stored sun the kind that burns

Sucked from deep down somewhere near or far in this one globe

Then filtered and refined to gasoline a rare commodity that rules us


The young attendants sell the gas and do not stop to think that they

Carry sunlight in their faces as much as flowers and trees do

Their bodies are made of sunshine the way cornstalks are

The same as all fossil fuels like wheat and tomatoes and potatoes


We are the privileged drivers easy in our air conditioned cars

Easy as rain in our vanishing lives simple and expecting privileges

As an extra bowl of rice after a long drought with no rain ever

We are flush with wrinkled money or plastic cards full of meaning


A few minutes and we’ll be driving again out on the roads of destiny

Past tanks where petroleum is stored beyond a future we won’t know

Going about our American business with people from everywhere

Free to travel the kingdom of the road even across the oceans


Into the cycle one more time gazing up into the vastness of stars

Out the window at the sparkling traffic with our radios soothing

We press our feet and feed the horses beneath our hooded dreams

Our cars go in the four directions the way the first people traveled




Let Me Go With You


Let me go with you I also serve by standing and waiting

Both of us pulled by gravity unforgiving bound to earth

Over the polished boulders millions of years shining

Water frothing blue in oceans centuries constructed

We once walked here around the glowing campfires 

We kissed the sky with fervent lips of ignorance

You held me in your arms as if you and I were meant

I touched your tears and ran my fingers on your face


You gave me yourself as though you were yours to give

I grew from your touch and became indispensible to myself

You let me in again even though I showed no appreciation

You fed our children and I said goodbye and wished you well

Milk of your breasts gave imagined comfort to their hunger

You gave me comfort and I accepted it and went my way

When I was longing for you after you were gone from me

I gave you songs in my memories of what I should have said


I loved your life although it was no longer a part of mine

You kept mine safely in your forgiving understanding

Then the world settled and took us in new installments

And we turned in our journeys to discover we were lost

We faced the wind and breathed its fragrance deeply

As it blew into our forgotten lives once lived together

From the desert the rains swept the scorpions away

Under birds black and rattlesnakes and slow turtles

Birds with red-tipped wings flew down to taunt us




Let Me
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