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Gary Galsworth

Tears And Drinks All Around


You know you can’t keep all this 

Be still and things start to slough off
icicles melting from the eaves
a bloated mosquito lands on its back
unable to fly—encumbrances falling away

Sit still—a porousness of thought and phenomena
take over—a rightness in the body, 
knots and twists melding
spines finding their proper attitude

Sit and boundaries overlap 
silently fuse become
continuous indistinguishable

no longer sitting no longer
alone no longer

Wait—you mean dead?


Oh no—don’t give me dead 
As soon as you find me dead you and anyone
involved starts heaping it on
Expectations encumbrances history tears and drinks all around
All the crap it took all this work to unload

Followed by 
a parade of ghosts carrying more
junk than the living

Let’s start again, just sit, mouth shut, in neutral gear
allow yourself to be your own masterpiece 
a world-class rummage sale

Shadows and Cardinals

Branches cast shadows 
and the current plays them

A distant birdsong takes
me to a cardinal I cannot see

And stream sounds murmur the edge 
off a strong cup of coffee

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