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John Grey

Journey's End


The ending was as unexpected as the journey,  

with all its surprise landscape, the unimagined

that, with every mile, became the amazing norm.


We’d long left the city behind, and then

the twisting coastline, the villages, the jungle 

with its monkey and butterfly chandeliers.  


We passed by the gorges, cruised the gap 

through the mountains and, every now and then, 

were waved along by border guards of fern and foliage.


Then it was contentment we came upon, 

and cheerfulness, optimism, euphoria

and long, long stretches of peace of mind.


Everything around us was harmless and engaging,

curious and giving, sentient and sensitive,

and possible in our shared lifetime.


The ending was no ending at all.

There was no stopping us.

Routine became magnificent

Magnificence became routine.

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