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Natalie Crick

Blue Water

When my Mother dragged me out

I wasn’t cold.


My breath was blued

By the light, seeping through


Trees, black as night

With all that nothing in-between,


Mother already grieving

For the other who drowned.


Tonight the storm broke,

Clouding the colour of


Mother’s necklace with the broken clasp.

The wind whittles your apologies


To blue bone beads

Small enough to swallow.

Unrequited Love

My kiss has slipped off

Like a dress.

It unpeels itself, a gift.


Trees unfurl their branches,

Limbs of whores

Stumbling in the wind.


I long

For you,

My tongue back in my mouth


A restless bird,

Love running,

Freezing to ice on the lake


Only to be washed away

When the sun sinks to a whisper

Drowning in white rain.



See how

The moon hangs in utter darkness,

A smouldering black,


A crack of light

Disappearing almost,

The world paused outside.


See how

Blood’s blue shadow

Barely runs beneath her skin.


See how her eyes glitter

Like fire, wisps of inked

Paper that one day will curl and smoke


Rising into the abysmal fields of

Some star-haunted place, some

Suddenly interrupted, fathomless sky.

blue water
unrequited love
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