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Paul Ilechko

Returning to Water


Imagine a situation     the world 

that you live in forms a grid     

there are areas of growth 


and areas of decrepitude     there are areas 

of sweetness     and there pigs that sleep 

in the filth     all of them together     


all connected by lines of varying thickness     

it’s night now     and the moon is almost full     

I touch the tips of your fingers with mine 


I count each one as I touch them     

as I count everything that exists 

on the grid     trying not to succumb 


to the fear and anger that is enveloping me     

that is enveloping us     you tell me 

that we should return to the water  


it’s where we came from originally     

before we had fingers and thumbs     

before we had speech     


the light that fell from the skies started fires 

and they are burning in all directions     

we are told that there are only a certain number 


of years left before it will be too late     

but it’s already too late.    because we 

are never going to change     we are dressing 


one last time     we have light clothes 

and comfortable shoes     

and the ocean beckons us.

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