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Rob Cook

Life Care

We here at Sunset Life Care appreciate how dear your mother is and

know you want to do everything you can for her in her waning days,

but we also know your time is precious and caring for an aging parent

can be a burden in light of all the other important responsibilities you have.


That’s why many facilities would recommend hospice at this point, and

it might seem like a convenient solution, but a lot of people find that

going on hospice feels like giving up hope, and they end up never being able

to forgive themselves for giving up on someone who never gave up on them.


So instead of giving up, we recommend stepping up with our Platinum Care® program,

the ultimate in life care specifically designed for the caring professional on the go.

Platinum utilizes the latest in cutting-edge, tech-enabled capabilities

so busy people like you can fulfill their filial duties with maximal efficiency while

ensuring that your loved one receives extraordinary care without becoming a burden.


You’re guaranteed a guilt-free conscience with our commitment to offer unlimited amounts

of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, plus an assortment of alternative approaches

that might miraculously turn out to be efficacious. In fact, a recent watchdog report

rated us number one in the number of treatments our members receive.


Invest in Premium and you’ll be able to look back years from now

and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you spared no expense

to ensure your mother was not deprived of even one extra day of life.

She’ll have a dedicated 24/7 team of medical professionals,

with all procedures pre-authorized because you barely get enough sleep as it is

and no one wants to be woken up at 3am just to approve a routine tracheotomy.


The program includes a deluxe room with a garden view

that will provide calm in her precious last moments of lucidity.

And our Last Gasp app relieves you of the need for time-consuming in-person visits

with a continuous video feed and automatic text notifications,

plus a highlights reel so you can go about your important daily activities

without the fear of missing out on any of her final moments.

Best of all, she’ll have Artie, an adorable artificial intelligence cat

that purrs in response to her movements using a neural net algorithm

shown by Research to optimize serotonin release for enhanced wellbeing.


Yes, Platinum costs a bit more and isn’t covered by insurance,

but think of it as a way to repay all the years when she

provided for you now that it’s your turn to provide for her.

Your mother is counting on you, so sign up now and

rest assured she will get the best care money can buy.

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