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5 Questions for . . .

Editor's Note

Readers of the Winter '18 issue know that there was no digital forum in that issue, as I was working on a physical forum, video of which I promised to add to the site.  As I anticipated, a live physical forum is more challenging than a digital forum in a few ways.  In brief, the video and audio quality is not quite what I would wish for.  I believe, however, you will find the comments of the panelists so engaging that perhaps you'll forgive the technical flaws.


The topic is, in a sense, a follow up to our first digital forum (Winter '16) on education reform.  And two of the participants in that forum were kind enough to participate in this second round.  The central question this time:  “Does the current state of our democracy argue for new and different efforts in education reform?  One final note:  While I like the discipline of restricting myself to 5 questions for the digital forum, I felt no need for such a restriction in a live forum.  Time provided the limitation.

The panel consisted of


Mike Capuano, U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’ 7th District

Jamie Eldridge, Massachusetts State Senator, Middlesex and Worcester 


Phil George, English Teacher, Framingham (MA) High School

Sarah Cannon Holden, Lincoln (MA) Town Moderator, former Lincoln-

Sudbury School Committee member

Cecilia Hylton, Communications Associate, Barr Foundation, Boston, MA

Colleen Meaney, Director, Theodore R. Sizer Teachers Center , Devens, MA

Hal Salzman,  Professor of Planning and Public Policy, Edward J. Bloustein

School, Rutgers University

Andrew Shen, Principal, R.J.Grey Junior High, Acton, MA

Arthur Unobskey, Superintendent, Wayland (MA) Public Schools

 The forum video is here.


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