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Alder Fern​

Welding Care to Time and Breaking All of It on Death



Ferns uncurling

in forest light


I’ve seen the sea cross these gardens

seen the sky open

and wink at the dreamer


Cyclones of leaves collapse

into each other

and it looks like love


A streamer of kelp spiraling

in the wave current

a mix of force and light


Streams flowing, always flowing

flowing is what they do

always incomplete and perfect

in their want of the sea


The mighty are falling

and the waves shall rise


Let the rain sluice over

the tyrant’s grave

in vertical streaks

like so many numb commuters 

some in trains

some alone in cars


You too will pass through changes

beyond your ability to survive

Brett Stout Broken_Hands_Converge_A_Brea
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