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Inaugural Issue

It has been a pleasure to put together this first issue marking the rebirth of The Courtship of Winds.  Poems in this issue walk field, river bank, desert, waterfront; echo classical and jazz music; experiment with language and form — and, of course, probe our human make-up.  Abigail Read’s mixed media art provides a visual theme for the issue; her love of books makes her the perfect first featured artist in Courtship.  Ira Joel Haber’s art makes us think about who we are, where we live, while Sweety Lakra’s photographs take us to a place most of us don’t live.  Jefferson Navicky’s short play tells a story with no answers. The essays in this issue offer personal reflections that speak eloquently to issues of race and culture.  Finally, in this issue’s digital forum, teachers, administrators and a congressman discuss recent education reforms.  


Abigail Read, Poets and Angels (detail)
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