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Alise Versella

Subway Hearts


These tunnels stay dark until
The light hits
This season stays cold                      and lonely till
The spring rain collects
On the stamen and the pollen stinger          -Bee attached to branch
Everything transitory, nothing permanent except

These two     -They love like twin flames
Two headlights who cannot remain
Amber gold without their        synchronized wheels
Rumbling over train tracks like heartbeats in synergy 
Dizzy Gillespie                        trumpeting
Like great metal beasts approaching
Their love reverberates     
Off stucco walls, reflects off slick cement

I’ve seen the homeless with tents
Make a makeshift abode of abandonment
These two
Construct a palace
With scaffolding of ribcage, no concrete stronger than their heartbeats

Beaming like a lamplight lights up the windows from the street-side
Burns bright like the Christmas lights             -All rainbow and icicle white
It’s Christmas all year round in the irises of their eyes

The tunnels all fluorescent now, all springtime and joy
Train lines converge to see just how.

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