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Winter 2022

Richard Carl Subber 


Margaret B. Ingraham

No Escape


Lowell Jaeger

She Tells Herself This Is It

Ken Poyner


Joseph Hardy

Staying Up Late

We Sell Those Ugly Houses

Hannah Jane Weber

Ode to Bluebird Resort

Gordon Kippola

Apparent Field of View


J. Tarwood

Girl Watcher

Eternity, Absence


Sam Ambler

The Player

Gail Nielsen

Young Augustines


DS Maolalai

Shelter Nonetheless


Eleanore Lee



Charles Elin

what's unavailable is not there


Esme DeVault

Nana's Wings

Don Thompson

Bad Afternoon


Jay Carson

Ashes of Love


J. R. Forman

Meeting Where the Two Deserts Kiss


Frederick Pollack


Notes From the Last to Leave

Alise Versella

Subway Hearts


Stephen Mead



Doug Van Hooser

Crab Apple Pips


Murray Silverstein

The Case for Punctuation

András Schiff, After Playing the Preludes of Johann     Sebastian Bach, Davies Symphony Hall, San   Francisco


N.B.  If you are reading the journal on a cell phone, line breaks for some of the poems will  be distorted.  

Art & Photography

Mario Loprete

Was My Father  (issue motif)

Untitled (clothesline)

Untitled (shirts)

Fuckovid 1

Fuckovid 2


Robert F. Harris

Worlds Apart

Madhurika Sankar

The Discriminatory Indian

Fabrizia Faustinella

Crime Scenes

David Sapp

Wooster Road Suicide


Christie Cochrell

Upping Stakes

Benjamin Harnett

The Stick Man

Tom Eubanks

The Dancer

Anne Michaud

A Rainbow in Koussountou

Alex Clermont

Small Steps

Rin Kelly


William Hayward

The Moustache

David Obuchowski

Suicide Lane

Catherine Parilla


P. C. Allan

The Wounding of Lieutenant Lively

Geoffrey Heptonstall

Fact and Value


David Brendan Hopes

The Dog with White Eyes

Judy Klass

After Tartuffe, Part One


Mario Loprete, Was My Father
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