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Bogdan Dragos

wisdom and pills

She never finished college

but she was a pill expert

and took pride in it


"Here, this one'll make you rock

against your will. You'd need some."


"Not me," I said.


"You afraid?"




"Hahahahaaa, afraid o' some pills, boy?

D' you know what being afraid of

this stuff's called around here?"


"I don't know what's called around here

I'll call it wisdom where I'm at. No

pills for me, thanks."


"Wow, you're such a pussy, ain't ya?

Oh, well that's too bad, I guess.

Would've been fun to rock the bed tonight

but I ain't lookin' for no pussy. I wanna give that."


She gave it to one of my friends along with

some sketchy looking pills

and from that night on they were a couple

of some sorts for a little over a month


And when she took the right pills

she talked in the wrong ways

In her sleep

to the walls

to her cat

to her left foot, but whispering

so the right wouldn't hear


And when she was on pills she would have

her new boyfriend hold her phone

and not allow her to answer if her dad called

Her dad didn't call too often but

somehow managed to call when she was on pills

He just wanted to check how college's going

not knowing she'd quit

or was expelled

months ago.


"Ah, my daddy would so kill me

if he found out. Like, yeah, he'd kill me as fuck!

But that's all right. I'm all right.

I know this dude who prints 'em, makes 'em

look like the real thing.

Just give 'im the ID an' cash

and you're good. I'll be good."


Well, I don't know

I guess wisdom comes in many, many forms

that friend of mine she hooked up

with considered it wise to

one day just tell her father the truth


The phone rang for the fourth time

and she was lying in bed

naked with froth about her lips

and eyes staring up into her skull

probably looking for salvation or something

He answered and introduced himself to her father

and told him everything,

even switched to video call to show the man his daughter

He thought he'd save her life this way

Sacrifice the relationship to save your partner's life

I guess that's wise


She went into rehab, I heard

and, what do you know, a few years later

she's married and pregnant

I wonder how wise her husband is... 

Brett Stout Broken_Hands_Converge_A_Brea
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