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David M. Alper

Come Full Circle Under Pressure


          it's changing everything

           near noon

               with faces grimacing


             the way is unprepared for the consummation of age

           trying to come up for air

        as aimless as this uninterrupted hurt

                behind four walls



      we had no choice but to

                  defy the obscene

                   at the end of another season

        punished by the present


              we'll retrace this surrender

       and we'll play the part

          here of all places

         for so long


         I stand at your side

               and watch you

            allowing for a terrible loneliness

                   I see you're playing different roles

       you're observing the depths of this day


       it's changing everything

      maybe I'm drawn into life

           maybe I'm musing about reality

       trying to figure out what's going on

                    anteing up

   in parts unknown

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