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Joe Imwalle

Sunday Urban Pastoral


For a setting I offer

California pleasant weather

and the doppler effect


of a passing jet airliner,

the hee-haw Eeyore roar

that rises and retreats

and leaves you stranded


in a day more beautiful

than can be acknowledged.


Next door, the neighbor

is spraying down his cars.


A helicopter enters the scene

checking traffic

or something more sinister

while the mind

swats it out of consciousness. 


An afternoon breeze

animates leaves in the backyard.


Wind chimes again-


The sound of departing

while staying still.


The neighbor has moved on 

to watering cypress trees

that mark our separation.


Sparrows are nesting

in the canopy.


Fledglings cry out

as their mother rises up.

I no longer recall 

crying out for mine.


In the distance, engines 

of frustrated men

are revved into the red

and give a good shake 

to the Sunday 

afternoon air.

Brett Stout Broken_Hands_Converge_A_Brea
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