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Matt Morris

Appalled & Aghast

thanks to the completion of the paradoxically long-
anticipated time machine the legendary 
slavers who wrote the law in the first place 
see the country they created as it is 

today a monumental mistake            
washington exclaims striking both
a gloved fist against phallic obelisk 
& a pose showing off his area

of expertise to let any harry 
dick & tom lunkhead buy 
arms meant for armies 
now at deep discounts see ad in sunday’s post the up-

shot pardon the pun making movies fast
food chains concerts schools malls night-
clubs the workplace mass
transit houses of worship our streets our homes 

combat zones he pauses grimly 
smiling as if in the midst of a campaign 
if I may sir adams the elder offers all such quote 
unquote unalienable rights depend part

& parcel upon owning lots 
of things often less onerous than guns 
or otherwise demonstrating one’s well-
to-do if not obscenely 

rich half-crocked franklin opines 
cleaning his bifocals by blowing hard & farting 
loudly once wealthy enough to be president 
of time-war-

ner let’s say then you are free 
to kill for god country or whatever 
you got a hard-on for pipes in hamilton   
wrinkled brow sheltering eyes 

that witnessed firsthand the horror 
of gunplay not to mention eponymous 
broadway play sitting by 
the window in sweltering heat jefferson 

furiously scribbles everything 
down in a plain unornamented 
style that all can understand         
right before his head’s blown   


off by a sniper 
in the bell tower just 
across liberty 



Political Discourse

we need to talk less about wall street
oliver stone’s however well-intentioned 
ultimately well boring flick the action            
consisting primarily of numbers flashing

across the screen like so much digital
tickertape with white guys in grave suits
yelling buy sell bribe steal at phones & phonies        
& talk instead about main street the satiric


novel of the early 20th century penned
by sinclair lewis who despite winning
the nobel prize in literature the first
american to do so is largely forgotten

like lagerlöf gjellerup & pontoppidan             
whom few nowadays take time enough to know
how to pronounce the names of
much less read charlotte löwensköld

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