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Winter 2021: Special Election Issue

Bill Christophersen

The Fish He Fry


Inscribed on a Bathroom Stall at Yankee Stadium

How I Learned about Racism


R.T. Castleberry

 Eviction Notice

 No Country But the War

Cheryl Keeler


Tommy Guns

Tim Suermondt 

The Possibilities

Evalyn Lee

A Future Book Hands-On Experience


Robert Rothman


Robert Cooperman

Coronavirus Front Yard Party

Chris Bullard

Wanna See Something Really Scary?



Ace Boggess

Swimming with Spider

Anxiety Time

Sandra Kolankiewicz 

Who Are You


Iris Litt

I saw a guy who looks like you

In Mexico


Rochelle Jewell Shapiro

The Door Opens

Chop Suey


Dinamarie Isola

The Place in Between


Rick Rohdenburg

Cor Cordium

Vincent Green

White Blossoms


Holly Day

Words of Wisdom Concerning Water

She Goes

What Remains of the Day


Peter Waldor

In the Golden Period

Mindfulness #1 


Yvonne Leach


Real and Imaginary Lovers

Bradley Earle Hoge

Fog of Liquid Ink on Stone


Andrew Oram

In the Shadow of Abundance

Elizabeth Shack

Maybe When


Erren Geraud Kelly

The Baltimore Field of Dreams


Ken Baker

The Egotist


Pete Madzelan

The Broke Down Engine of State

A Morning Cup of Coffee

Unvarnished Lies


Benjamin Nardolilli​

La Resistance 2/27/19

Rage Goddess Sing

Matt Morris

Appalled & Aghast

Political Discourse

Bruce Parker

Erasure Poem for a President

Nels Hanson

The Farewell


Mary Fox

There's a woman up here

Madari Pendas 

Called Out of My Name

The Foreigner 

Slumming It Up

Charles Rammelkamp

News to Me

F.X. James

Barroom Blah

Color Be Gone

Ivars Balkits 


Lisa Leibow

Never In Peace Have You Waved

Linda Bryant

Asking for Help During the Reign of Trump

Susan Morse

Fact: Spring Continues Unabashed

2020 Was the Lost Year 

Jeff Burt




N.B.  If you are reading the journal on a cell phone, line breaks for some of the poems will  be distorted.  

Art & Photography

Paul Rabinowitz

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Untitled 3

Untitled 4

Untitled 5

Untitled 6

Madari Pendas

Thrive in a Red World

Look Away Girl

Roopa Dudley



Rachael Schiel


Edith Cook

Virus In America


Robert Kirvel

Believe You Me

David James

First Impressions


Anna Kaye-Rogers 

Once We Came Out of the Dark

Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi

Tangerine Strands

Anna Maconochie 


Richard Risemberg 

Yellow Tea Mug

Julia Parmentier 

Zip's Diner

Judy Klass

True Story

Kim Farleigh

Money, Contacts and Grace

Raymond Abbott

"And Now I Know"

John Sheirer

A Good Guy


Judy Klass and Ron Reed

Hacking Tyler


Madari Pendas, Look Away Girl
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