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Amy Kite

The Abrupt End of Fall

crisp, idyllic October day,
sun-drenched red and yellow leaves, 
who seemed aware of their own majesty
before the sun took its gracious bow 
slipping away to make room for the moon —
I prepared eagerly for your visit, 
after all these months had passed, 
I raced to add curl to my hair, 
brushed powder to my cheeks,
a quick spray on my wrist, 
as my mind reeled to thoughts of you
removing the clothes I so carefully chose,
as soon as you walked in the door — 
yet I missed the shift in your step, 
the subtle shift in your mood,
a glass of whiskey could calm all, 
I blindly thought
as the unpredictable night laughed —
today’s floating leaves exited my mind,
their crunch now right under your feet, 
which hurry across the cold asphalt —
all devoid of afternoon’s grace,
stripped of bountiful color 
before the season came to an end

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