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Benjamin Nardolilli

La Resistance 2/27/19


At my cubicle, trying to hear
what the thief and liar, esquire, has to say,
not surprised by the theatrics on display,
one reactionary after another
trying to kill the messenger they loved
enough to put him high up in their party

Now he’s gone and goofed, betrayed
their king, his old boss, 
that bitter old soul, his crimes revealed,
he’s going to try and remove
Trump’s crown, replace it with an anchor,
as he gets dragged on down

A poster says the witness has his pants
on fire, I wish it was burning,
yes, I’m serious, these grown and grey 
adults are taunting him,
with the wit and wisdom of a playground,
I can’t believe the chairman allows it

There’s other props, a Black woman
entered into evidence to dispel the claim
the God emperor is a racist,
a lady from Detroit tries to call it out
and the chairman reminds her
to call the stunt, not the respectable user, racist

My productivity for the day is dead,
tired, I begin to doze off,
the bombshells from earlier in the day
are wearing off, and I can’t fight
my lids doing their best imitation
of falling curtains colored and made of skin

Through the darkness of the doze,
I can hear the chairman calling for order,
and comity, some civility,
he says the country can do better,
then I swear, he calls out to me and inquires
what I’ve done, since I seem to be so angry.




Rage Goddess Sing

I was angry, I admit, and I wrote those things
Because I was angry and drunk,
And I will tell you at first that I was writing those things,
Those mean things about the American Empire, 
Because of the prospect of another war
Coming through under the latest bloody headlines

In reality, I was drinking in a bar
When I read about the latest strikes and attacks,
Sure, they made me angrier than I was,
But I was already plenty drunk and angry right there,
Drinking on a weekday night
Because of delays going both ways on overcrowded trains

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