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Caroline Maun

Twin Set

I was such an adult

in the matched, peach set

of sateen bra and panties

bought with allowance 

from McCrory’s.


Something was wrong with 

the boyfriend, and I was dressing

thoughtfully. The slinky 

polyester with lace elastic,

bra clasp cleverly in front,

holding itself together.


Embroidered rosettes

would shrivel in regular

wash. A few years before,

everything in the closet 

was homemade from double knit

from the sale aisle; my mother

affixed layer after layer 

of brocade trim to the legs

of trousers like tree rings.


Over the twin set I wore

an emerald camp shirt

and the pair of Levi’s 

I’d argued for. On my feet

were Reeboks, sponge plush

in a shade of doomed white.

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