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Winter 2023

Paul Rabinowitz 

In the Original Language


Caroline Maun

Twin Set

Gale Acuff

 Everybody's a sinner says my Sun

One day I'll die they say at church and Sun

Brenda Yates

Nights in Paradise

Rebecca Ressl

Interrupted Soliloquies

Danley Romero

That Kind of Breath

Sharon Kennedy-Nolle

Consolidated Laundries


Yvonne Pearson


Waiting for Test Results


Michael Ansara

Pandemic Poem: The First Months

Richard Matta

Our Airstream


Richard Dinges, Jr.

Spring Thaw

Calm Night


David Reuter

Vibrations on a Man Made Lake


Gordon Kippola



Nathan Thomas

A Collective Counterpoint

Bobby Parrott

Sunken Cathedrals


Murray Silverstein

Save Us, Said the Sky


Alison Hicks

280 Main Street

Sandra Newton

A Quartet of Etudes

Ergo Sumus

Anne Marie Wells

It was an Accident

Inadequate Materials

You Asked Me to Write You a Poem About Coffee


Bob Meszaros

The Red Brick Sky

Erren Kelly  

Vin's Last Game


Rhys Lee 

The Boy Who Smokes and the Pretty Girl


Leila Farjami

Ravenous Roots


Gordon Kippola

Sylvester the Cat Psychiatrist

Frederick Pollack 

The Reward


Will Walker

 I Don't Ask for Much

N.B.  If you are reading the journal on a cell phone, line breaks for some of the poems will  be distorted.  

Art & Photography

Paul Rabinowitz

Portrait of Unknown Woman

Woman Against White Wall

Day Dreaming

Closed Window

Jim Zola

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Untitled 3

Untitled 4

Untitled 5


Yvonne Pearson

Synaptic Cycling

Neil Mathison

A Pandemic in Four Seasons


Gavin Kayner 


Gregory T. Janetka


Regina Thomas

The Tuxedo Cat

Teresa Burns Gunther

A Hard Man to Find

Marco Etheridge

The Gulf Between


Jim Zola 675DC4F9-2C15-4B6C-B6DA-57E28D416349.jpeg
Jim Zola, Untitled
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