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Gale Acuff

Everybody's a sinner says my Sun

-day School teacher but it's hard to believe

that she is so after class I said so

right to her face though it was buried

--that's a figure of speech--in the Good Book

but she did look up at me alone be

-fore her desk (that means in front of) and smile

like a son of a bitch (vulgarism)

and say Why, thank you Dear Boy, but I too

transgress (she meant sin) but I said I don't

believe it, ma'am, and then she asked Are you

calling me a liar, Gale, and then she

frowned like maybe God Almighty does, I

bet that He could out-scowl Satan

(is that irony?). So I said I am.

One day I'll die they say at church and Sun

-day School and of course I learned that long a

-go, before I ever remember go

-ing to church at all or kindergarten

but something about religion makes death

better, I mean important, as if it

really matters and they say it does, all

that stuff about my eternal soul and

where it will spend Eternity and so

on and I guess that matters but I won't

really know for sure until I'm dead so

So much for faith, ha ha, which is what I

told my Sunday School teacher, who laughed and

laughed, the kind of laughter you hear in Hell.

Now just how do I know that? By the sound.

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