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Chris Lisieski

Ephemera 2

the shrill cry of that

shill of a politico

comes bounding out

the barbershop

where maurice

is cutting 

the same hair

cut he has always cut

shorter on the sides

shorter in the back

longer on top maurice 

doesn’t know why 

anyone would want anything

else especially not

if they come to maurice’s 

so maurice chops it short

and combs what’s

long and folks pay

their ten even though

what’s framed is a dollar

that says to my man 

maurice in chicken scratch

and folks come back 

mostly because

they like maurice

that suave charm-

er who uses a lot

of nicknames

and pain pills

he claims for

his back but laughs 

all the time 

at himself 

most of all

Jeffrey Alfier Matin_Bleu.jpeg
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