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Cliff Saunders

Celebration Day

This day in history we are celebrating

the bucket list, thigh by thigh. Indeed,


our hearts are playing with fire

on this fine day of cinematic wish fulfillment.


We sincerely believe that little love

comes from gusting wind, from blue stones


on a cold day. History tells us we are

hard to escape. What’s going to save us?


Fake monks? Quadraboobs? Coconut shells?

We must change or face extinction.


We can change by finally admitting

that our last-minute rush to fill our mouths


with sexy promises speaks of humanity’s shame.

Our boats are dirty as a window


in a soup kitchen. Our beds are full of holes.

Tossing parade candy into silver boxes,


we hope to fill the gaps in our lives.

Despite high hopes, despite sacks of funny bones,


we end up feeling like watching molecules die.

If this is the end, we have been here before.

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