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Duane Anderson

Decision of the Day


Next side to me, sits a man,

with beer can covered with a

brown paper bag.

I wonder what he is thinking?

Maybe that no one will see him as

he takes drink after drink.

He should slow down,

after all, it is only one can.

It won’t last very long at his current pace.

I would join him if I had a beer,

but he didn’t offer me one,

and I don’t feel like walking 

to the store across the street 

to get one.

That’s the way it goes,

decisions must be made.

All the Clothes He Owns, He Also Wears

Fifteen feet away,

a man states the police threw him

in a drunk tank for no good reason.

He wasn’t drunk by his standards.

I didn’t know there was a standard

seal of approval for drunks,

but to him there was.

He only came in to wash his

underwear and shirt.

He would have washed his overalls too,

but he didn’t want to be naked;

they were all the clothes he had.

tiffany jolowicz Monday on Michigan Island, Yesterday, the Day Before, Two Thousand Years
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