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Table of Contents

Summer 2022

Yvette Naden

That First Year



Naomi Lowinsky

Ghazal of Our Times

Ghazal of Craft

Christopher Kuhl

The Plain Fact of the Matter

Ralph Macioci

Distant Bonfire

Tracy Lightsey


I Would Sing to You


Cordelia Hanemann

The Old Mill Place

John Repp

Running Past Lloyd & the Peepers


Daniel Sundahl

Monologue of the Last Performing Tattooed Lady


Joan Gelfand


Everything In Its Place

Sandra Kolankiewicz


Having Seen Just


Richard Luftig

From Memory


Carol Graser

When Workers Decide Union


Holly Day


Nickolas Duarte

The Weather Shifts in August

Paul Ilechko

Tracks Left by Shadows


John Grey

My January Defense

Duane Anderson

Decision of the Day

All the Clothes He Owns, He Also Wears


Cynthia Baker


William Yasinski



Michael Green

"Rocky mountain mist"

"Lonely night again"


N.B.  If you are reading the journal on a cell phone, line breaks for some of the poems will  be distorted.  

Art & Photography

Tiffany Jolowicz

Still Life

A Moment in Time

Monday on Michigan Island, Yesterday, the Day     Before, Two Thousand Years Ago

Güliz Mutlu

Drusilla and Vesuvius

Waiting for Pablo

Ash Drusilla


Stephen Policoff

Telephone Maelstrom

Anne Whitehouse 

Soldier, Sailor

Robert Wexelblatt

On Bon Mots


Ralph Bland


Yvette Naden

Mum & Mary Barton

Amita Basu

To Decide Or Not To Decide

Paige E. Reecer

The Best Days

Alec Calder Johnsson

The Prodigy

Mark Jacobs

Clean and Legal, With Birds

Stephan Lang

The Reluctant Hippie

S.C. Ferguson

End of an Acquaintance


Rimah Jabr

This Is Not What I Want to Tell You


Judy Klass

After Tartuffe, Part 2

Rex McGregor

Henry the Seventh (If Shakespeare Was Honest)


tiffany jolowicz Monday on Michigan Island, Yesterday, the Day Before, Two Thousand Years
Jolowicz: Monday on Michigan Island, Yesterday, the Day Before, Two Thousand Years Ago (detail)
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