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Erren Kelly

Vin’s Last Game

no rat pack or elvis

just vin scully calling the dodger's game 

and like kofuax's fastball, down the pike 

vin's delivery  is smooth as silk

in your transistor radio, in the vegas heat

leave the pyrotechnics to the other guys

you're thinking, he calls it like he sees it 

and vin's voice follows you like an old friend

as crew cuts gave way to long hair down

to your ass and dylan and hendrix

and santana, you listened to vin's delivery

while doing volunteer work at glide church

in san francisco

vietnam was no place for you

but nobody wanted to go then!

you couldnt always keep your daughter

from the losers in the world

but vin's voice, calling hank aaron's 714

or kirk gibson's world series game winning home run

was like watching picasso create a masterpiece

now, youre winter, but the revolutionary fire still

burns, bernie sanders still convinces you

you can save the world

Vin scully's voice floats effortlessly like the boats

on the water



For Vin Scully and Paul Kleyman

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