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Evalyn Lee

A Future Book Hands-On Experience


Take the bradawl, make the holes, use a bone 
folder, crease my backing, yes, rub the pulp and find 
the grain, bend the paper, use the thread, use the beeswax, 
use the stab stitch, cut the edges, watch your fibers,
scrape them, fold them, make a template. I am content 
and container. Distribute pressure, attach the Arra 
linen, bind me like a corpse, secure the book block, 
there are so many ways of adding weight but
when there is an absence papers swell and gather 
at the corner, so use a vice or lying press, then scrape me  
over, lace my boards up, sew the tawed thongs flesh-side down,
then roll me over, unprotected, to use the fine adhesive, cradle 
the binding, do not forget to hide the sewing or that every time
you put your hands on me, to open, I will be different.

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