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Jake Hunter 

That's Enough Wine Tonight


Classical music and alcohol
go well together. I’d never tried it
until tonight.

always talked about this.
I can’t get by without something
like this to calm me down.
I’m drinking blackberry wine
for my blackberry heart.
At least there’s something
in this world worth doing.
That’s how I feel right now,
and I have a bottle and a half
of wine left, plenty more
and plenty of time — it’s 10pm
on a Saturday night and,
I’m channeling Bukowski and
proud of it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll regret it
but not tonight. Let tomorrow be tomorrow.
Let’s not get too poetical

               No one really cares, do they,
if I live or die? Just me,
and I’m not even sure how much I care.
That’s enough wine for tonight.

When I wake up, I never turn on the light.
It stays off all day and all night.
I only turn it on when I have to write.

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