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Roderick McKenzie

The Empty City


It’s the empty city

That nobody knows

’Cause everything’s closed,

So what’s there to know,

And no one finds out.

In the empty city

You don’t trust anybody,

But you don’t see anyone,

So it’s easy not to trust them.

When the pavements are wet

You remember certain people.

It really is not helpful.

You don’t want a memory.

In all the big, tall buildings

Are rooms full of hoarded stuff.

No one goes there ’cause no one’s left.

So all the stuff just sits.  

Cops in masks cruise in locked cars.

They never get out.

You could lie in the street for days.

Where would they take you anyway?

Everything is all closed up.

The cops can’t even get a beer,

Let alone an undertaker.

But it really doesn’t matter.

Here in the empty city, you dissolve.

The Future

So this now is the future.

No flying cars.

No solutions, all the same problems.

People are slaughtered

In huge numbers worldwide.

It will not stop.

No one finds an ending.

The very richest

Only spend to go to Mars.

They’ve got the money,

And they know Earth is so last year,

Down the toilet.

They’ll buy Mars in advance

And sell shares later,

When all our ice has melted,

And fires never stop.

Techno makes the future future.

AI takes over.

The great quantum computers,

In nanoseconds,

Enable endless scams and porno.

It’s the future,

So we have no control.

It’s done for us.

We all pay by auto-pay.

The future is secure.

The police have brand-new weapons.

Folks just vaporize.

No record, no body, no trial.

You bet it’s secret.

And there’s private security

With disease masks

All around the rich people.

Till they get to Mars

We’re not permitted to infect them.

I’ve seen the future.

I’m living in the middle of it.

Can I get a drink?

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