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Sandra Kolankiewicz


I am so glad for you in this moment 

of your triumph, for I know what success 

can cost, the nudging without an elbow, 

this figuring how to get from here 

to there, placing yourself in the precise 

moment, reading the room, rewarding the

needy, promising the ambitious, then

placating the betrayed, distracting the 

dangerous, assuaging the ostracized, 

calming fears that brought you to the table.  

Having Seen Just

Before long, we ran out of options. No 

longer tortured by the need to make the 

right decision, we stopped stumbling among 

options like children in the dark until 

a sense of peace gradually came to our 

awareness, appearing in the increased 

depth of our sleep, the lack of dreams, even 

the way in which we awoke, as slowly 

and with as much leisure as when we were 

young in summer. This stage must be what they

call acceptance, no more arguing with 

God or each other, giving up bargains 

we were poorly suited for but which we 

were driven to offer from a sense of 

desperation, the anxiety that 

stirs inside when we realize we’ve choices 

to make and have never faced the head of 

any trail, whatever crossroad, with such

a need to know our location when we are 

lost, the importance of sensing where we’re 

placed before we choose from among paths. Now 

we’re on our course, or it’s on us, which means 

we’ll become what the street sign’s pointing toward, 

even though we only imagine the 

destination, having seen just the name.

tiffany jolowicz Monday on Michigan Island, Yesterday, the Day Before, Two Thousand Years
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