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Winter 2024

Matt Morris 

To Make a Poem Work


Lynn Hoggard

God Told Me Not To 

Beth Brown Preston

Still Life with Flowers

A Poet

edo strannikov

Poor Yorick

Patricia East Spring



Christopher Clauss

Alone With This Chill

Laura C. Lippman

Moral Dilemma, Philly, 1972


Frederick Pollack

On the Eve


Anne Whitehouse 

The Professor’s Necktie

Lady Bird

Elizabeth DeAngelo

Musings Over a White Picket Fence

Thanks For Your Unsolicited Advice

What Are You Trying to Prove


Jeanette Steinman Shelburne

They Lived

San Juan Capistrano-1940


Patricia L. Meek



Elizabeth Balise 

Sparrows Falling

Good Friday Hart Island 2020


Hudson Plumb

Seymour's Fat Lady in New York

in the sky of the mind

Nathan Whiting

Precinct with Curbs


Jean M. Kane

Damaged Black Woman/ Standing On Tiptoe/On One End Of A Seesaw/While A Caricatured Figure Jumps On The Other 

Michelle Obama, 2015-Pastiche Pantoum

Marc Janssen

Always Returning VI

Yamhill August II

Mark Belair


Bill Ratner 

Things at Work That Pass for Art

Helene Macaulay

The Initiate


Sean Lause 

Learning to Swim in Lake Erie

Ellen Lager


Robert S. King


Turning the Page


James Croal Jackson

at ineffable cà phê

The Dark


Garrett Phelan


N.B.  If you are reading the journal on a cell phone, line breaks for some of the poems may  be distorted.  

Art & Photography

Avik Sarkhel

The Walk

Solace in Solitude

The Horseman

Two Crows

The Middleman

Karineh Arutyunova

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Untitled 3

Untitled 4

Untitled 5

Untitled 6

Untitled 7

Edward Lee

Turned Into Tide

After Today

A Gentle Delight

This Hardened Fragility of Life

Days Without Delight

Dreams Upon


Karineh Arutyunova

Pages from a Wartime Diary

Stuart Rose

Temporary Children, Permanently Mine



In The Niobe Fountain

Alfredo Arcilesi

Rag Doll Symposium

Sandro Piedrahita

A Thorn in Guitemie's Flesh

William Schillaci


Louise Turan

What Changes

Dan Helpingstine 

Down the Rabbit Hole

Garvin Livingston

Here and Now

Richard Risemberg

Talking to the Moon

Robert Gass



Vilém Dubnička

One Million


Edward Lee, Dreams Upon
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