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Stephen Jackson

In the Showers [Sequoia National Park, 1993]

When you stepped out of the shower in a towel

and saw me stretched over the sink, struggling 


to slide an earring in my ear, I didn’t know what 

to expect, except more of the shit I’d always get 


for wearing an earring in those days — so, I was 

a little taken aback when you asked, Do you need 


some help with that? as you reached out and took 

the earring from me, then slowly leaned yourself


into me, till I could smell the soapy scent of your

warm taut flesh pressed fully up against me, and 


like a lover or a husband, you gently slid the post

into my ear — I wanted to kiss you, but instead 


I smiled to thank you, allowed myself to let you 

walk quietly away, in a silence I hear to this day.

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