Current Issue

Summer 2019

The summer issue is rich with talent and wide-ranging themes across all genres.  A few examples:  Gwen Namainga Jones' story from Zambia makes us reconsider the value of cultural traditions.  Sally Payson Hays takes us inside the daily life of schools against the backdrop of life changes.  I am especially happy to be the first to publish Brittany Baum, whose story about the aftermath of a school shooting is too sadly pertinent to our national failure to stop gun violence.  Neither is the longstanding American tragedy of race left untouched in the issue.  Laine Feicht's story and Alexander Payne Morgan's poetry address the issue thoughtfully.  Those who enjoyed the poems of Simon Perchik, F.X. James, and Donny Barilla in past issues will find more work to savor here.  I am very happy to be publishing for the first time in Courtship the emotionally tough poetry of Carroll Beauvais.  In addition to the fine art and photography in the issue, readers will see art in the ekphrastic poems of Rosalind Kaliden, Donna James, and Michael Carrino.  James Christian's Blue Sky is the featured artwork gracing each page of the issue.

James Christian, Blue Sky (detail)


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