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Winter 2021:  Special Election Issue

The 2020 Presidential Election is hours away as I write this.  Although some have argued that there has been hyperbole and unwarranted anxiety about the outcome of this election, I do not count myself amongst that group.  All those newspaper and journal headlines shouting that the nature — yes, the soul — of the United States of America is on the ballot are speaking truth.  Hence, this special election issue.  Throughout history, writers and artists have served as both witness and catalyst in times of social change and political turmoil.  Without any pretensions regarding the historical staying power of everything included here, the impetus of the issue is the need to speak to this moment.  That said, many pieces in the issue are not about the election, which is fitting as, despite the masks, the protests against racial injustice and a toxic political climate, it's still possible to enjoy moments of human connection, beauty — whether in Nature or art — and quiet reflection. 


So you will find here not only the featured art of Madari Pendas, which, along with her poetry, speaks powerfully to the moment, but also the beautiful photographic portraits of Paul Rabinowitz.  Bill Christophersen's incisive poems on race relations, as well as the timeless themes of Rochelle Shapiro's poems.  Evalyn Lee's sensuous picture of bookbinding as well as poems such as those of Cheryl Keeler and Benjamin Nardolilli that make direct commentary on events we've seen in the news. There is Richard Risemberg's quiet, off-center story of "A Yellow Tea Mug" and Rachael Schiel's short essay on "Downtime" during Covid.  I could go on.  Dive in anywhere!

See you on the other side.

William Ray

Madari Pendas Look Away Girl