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Winter 2024

I hope you enjoy the writings and art work in this issue as much as I have.  If you were to start reading with Matt Morris' poem about poetry and use the next buttons to read straight through to the last piece, Garrett Phelan's poem celebrating footloose youth, you'd find Karineh Arutyunova's "Pages from a Wartime Dairy" in the center of the issue.  This, sadly, is appropriate as we watch multiple horrific wars continue to unfold each day we look at a screen or newspaper.  All of the works in the issue -- across a range of subject matter and form -- are a reminder that art can face down horror, whether taking it on directly or opposing it with the beauty artists cull for us.

William Ray

Table of Contents

*On the TOC, to access a particular page, click on the author's name.  For art pages, click on the title of the piece of art.

Edward Lee, Dreams Upon
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Editor:  William Ray     Drama Editors:  Judy and Bill Plott     Design:  Samantha Ray
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