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Winter 2020

In this issue, as always, we have writers and artists from as near as my home state in the U.S., Massachusetts, and as far away as New Zealand.  There are lyrical poems, such as Don Thompson's moody and reflective "Fog Therapy," as well as poems that tell a story, such as Mitchell Grabois' "Marxist Miracle."  I am very happy to introduce a previously unpublished writer, M. Glass.  In different ways,  M. Glass', Richard Schaefer's  and Max Johansson-Pugh's stories travel the terrain of family life that can be tricky or even treacherous.  Essayists Neil Mathison and Tara Menon take us on trips to Colorado and India respectively.  One of Mario Loprete's striking works in concrete is featured throughout the issue.  If some of the pieces in the issue are appropriately "winter dark," Christina Petrides' vivid poem "Pea Picking" and Keith Moul's warm photographs point us toward summer.

I have to resist the urge to comment on each and every piece in these brief introductions, but rest assured that all the work in the issue is equally worth your  attention.  One final note:  I am toying with the idea of having reviews in Courtship.  For now, let me mention that two poets published in Courtship have new books out:  Simon Perchik's The Gibson Poems and Dolores Hayden's Exuberance.

William Ray

Mario Loprete

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